Home is where your legend starts

Cleansing the Farm

I thought it was bad when they were dead...

The PC’s go to burn down the Heke farm and hopefully purge whatever contagion has befallen it. However upon arriving they find that the corpses have been animated by some evil force into vile Festrog’s. Upon destroying the foul undead the party set the home alight and searched to ensure that nothing escaped the inferno. Their hearts sank however upon discovering that a be-slimed trail lead from the back of the home and into the distance. After a tense journey of several hours they arrived at the Artfell Forest. A place full of dangerous history. Caustiously they proceeded forward allowing powerfull Rumble to take the lead. Upon discovering that the thing they followed had retreated into a badger burrow they discussed what course to proceed and were suprised when 3 other things fell upon them. The things turned out to be an aweful swarm of teeth and claws. Using some quick thinking and a large amount of flammable tallow the party was able to purge the unclean things and cleanse the area….



nevermore nevermore

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