Home is where your legend starts

So that's where that ruin is...

I'm sure it's just an earthquake....

Basic Event Rundown

  • September 8th – Clover Pulling boulder from Old Man Helke’s field, Sawrock performing inventory audit for same, Rachel’s character reading about something very interesting, Amadeus _________
    • Earthquake causes a large cloud of dust and dirt to billow forth from Stoneclaw mountain
    • Each of the party shares a dream of a more powerful and beaten down version of themselves facing against a wave of demonic fungus
  • September 9th – The party plus 2 militia and a local busybody Bernice Wisteria set out to investigate the dustcloud
    • The party discovers that every living thing on old Man Helke’s farm is dead and decayed as if weeks had passed.


nevermore nevermore

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